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Yvette Hayward, second trimester nursing student at TCAT Elizabethton, said she loves the job of meeting the medical needs of others. That’s one reason, in addition to a financial boost, she appreciates receiving the $1,000 Hassie Murr Perryman Memorial Scholarship. 

Her educational path at TCAT Elizabethton began as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) after she said she was laid off from an office job in August of 2016.  

“CNA work can be hard on a person’s body physically, and I’m older, my body is not going to last forever. And financially with CNA work it can be hard to get ahead. As a responsible adult, I have to think of the future and becoming an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is the natural next step for a CNA.”  She is of the opinion that there are pluses and minuses with every job.  

However, a love for the science of medicine and anatomy kept her desire high in becoming a nurse. “I am dedicated to learning as much as I can so I can provide the best possible care to the patient. I want to be there for them, listen to them, let them know they are loved and not alone. I want to educate them as much possible that they have the tools they need to be successful in their own care. And those are the reasons I want to become a nurse.”  

Patricia Henderson, student services coordinator at TCAT Elizabethton, said the $1,000 Hassie Murr Perryman Memorial Scholarship is intended to aid in the purchase of required program learning materials and equipment, paying for national/state certification exams, and defray costs of living expenses in cases of extreme hardship.   

Hassie Murr Perryman was at nurse at the old St. Elizabeth Hospital in Elizabethton.  This hospital was a large, four-story building at 301 S. Watauga Avenue. Today it is now a part of the Ivy Hall Nursing Home.  

The Hassie Murr Perryman Memorial Scholarship was founded by grandchildren William West and Mildred Patricia West to carry on Ms. Perryman’s legacy of encouraging others and helping those in need who work to improve their circumstances.