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The Dawn of a New Year will bring new careers for many students trained at TCAT Elizabethton in 2019.

Madison Catron of Sullivan County and Abigail Fowler of Carter County are among them. They are the first graduates of the new cosmetology course.

"I have had an amazing experience being a student here at TCAT Elizabethton. I have made many new friends and have enjoyed the opportunity of bettering myself for my future. I plan on working in a local salon and building my own clientele and would love to open my own a full service salon in the future," Catron said.

Madison Catron (left) and Abigail Fowler (right)

Fowler has similar future plans. “I plan to get a job at a salon and having the ability to work anywhere in the world. I can’t say enough about how much I have love my time at TCAT. Ms. Campbell has taught me so much and always taken the time to help each student. Being able to finish my education in my home town and state was amazing.”

The popular course, taught by Toni Campbell, began 14 months ago in renovated space in Building Number Two at the original site of TCAT Elizabethton, 1500 Arney Street in Elizabethton.  The space was previously used to train practical nursing students. Classes have since been relocated to the Main Campus at 426 Highway 91 in Elizabethton.

Charles Phillips (left) and Myles Cook (right)

Two new instructors have been employed and are preparing for the influx of new students in January 2020. The new courses are Advanced Manufacturing and Criminal Justice for jail guards, the former taught by Charles Phillips, the latter taught by Myles Cook. Each has an extensive record of experience. Advanced Manufacturing will be taught at the Main Campus. Criminal Justice will be taught at 1500 Arney Street.

Phlebotomy, taught by Loretta Eades, provides training to students studying to be a phlebotomist. The course, which takes a full trimester to complete, teaches students how to draw blood via venipuncture or skin puncture. The program prepares students for the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam and employment as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy students graduating in December, listed by county of residence, are   

Carter County: Kelci Bradley, Justina Vanover.  Greene Kristina Norvell.  Jefferson: Kaitlyn George. Johnson: Kirsten Courtner. Sullivan: Jessica Buchanan, Emerald Burrell, Tia Hughes. Unicoi: Karalyn Vanfleet. Washington: Samantha Ayers, Destiny Brown, Amanda Grindstaff, Tabitha McCamey.

Forty-one practical nursing students will also graduate in December. A pinning ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17, in the Monarch Auditorium of Bristol Regional Medical Center.

Melinda Douglas and Autmn Bentley, both RNs, are clinical and classroom instructors preparing nursing graduates for the State Board of Nursing Examination to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. 

To be admitted to TCAT Elizabethton, individuals must apply online at After applying for admission, the college will notify each individual of a student identification number to be used to register for the desired class or program. For additional information, telephone 423-543-0070 or visit