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(TCAT Photo by Lori Clarke)

Jimmy Kee, Steve Walls of Reletech based in Nashville, a training partner at TCAT Elizabethton, Dean Blevins, college president and Adam Vest, welding instructor, from left, are pictured at the annual NC3 Signing Day Event held at TCAT Elizabethton on Thursday (March 5). Walls, who was keynote speaker, told students they made a good decision to attend TCAT Elizabethton.  Welding was the first choice of students in the region who made a commitment to attend TCAT Elizabethton when they graduate from high school. Earlier in his career, Walls was a high school science teacher and farmer in Mississippi for ten years. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, and holds a B.S. degree in Forensic Science and M.Ed. degree in Science Education and Educational Administration.

Welding with 21 signups, Industrial Electricity with 16, and Diesel with 12 were the most popular programs of study selected by high school students in the region for the annual NC3 Signing Day event held at TCAT Elizabethton on Thursday (March 5). The event was rescheduled from Feb. 20 and Feb. 27 when schools were closed due to snow.

Listed below is a summary of student sign ups, by high school, by program of study:

Administrative Office Technology-Alesia “Lisa” Miller, Instructor (1)

Jadyn Peterson-Unicoi High School

Advanced Manufacturing Technology-Charlie Phillips, Instructor (1)

Gabriel Douglas-Tri-Cities Christian School

Automotive Technology-Jackie Livingston, Instructor (10)

Cody Harville-Dobyns-Bennett High School
Selena Baublitz-Unicoi High School
Devon Bush-Unaka High School
Justice Lash-Unaka High School
John Osborne-Unaka High School
Isaiah Sims- Unaka High School
Wesley Bowers-Hampton High School
Ethan Guy-Hampton High School
Michael “Hunter” Haynes-Hampton High School
Isaac Stephens-David Crockett High School

Computer Information Technology-Brandon Franklin, Instructor (1)

Dylan Whitehead-Unaka High School

Cosmetology-Toni Campbell, Senior Instructor (6)

DeAnna Greer- Johnson County High School
Bailey Creasy-Elizabethton High School
Blake Hall- Unicoi High School
Tiffany Tribble-Hampton High School
Holly Hughes-Hampton High School
Myra Doran-David Crockett High School


(TCAT Photo by Lori Clarke)

James Bennett and Gavin Jones, pictured from left, students at David Crockett High School, show their letters of intent to enroll at TCAT Elizabethton to study welding and pipefitting. The two were among 83 students in the region who attended the NC3 Signing Day event held Thursday at TCAT Elizabethton.


Criminal Justice-Myles Cook, Instructor, Wayne South, Assistant (1)

Rocky Croy Jr.-Hampton High School

Diesel Powered Equipment Technology-Tim Ward, Instructor/Ruben Carder, Instructor (12)

Samual Rogers-Dobyns-Bennett High School
Daniel Younce-Elizabethton High School
Owen Carr-Elizabethton High School
Colton Orsburn-Elizabethton High School
Joseph Mellichamp-Unaka High School
Elexa Duncan-Unaka High School  
Jed Childress-Cloudland High School
Jordan Isaacs-Cloudland High School
Gavin Clark-Happy Valley High School
Trayvor Hyatt-Happy Valley High School
J.D. Hughes-Happy Valley High School
Cody Anderson-Hampton High School

HVAC/Refrigeration-Doug Street, Associate Instructor (3)

Joseph Stinnett-Daniel Boone High School
Jonah Jones-Hampton High School
Dakota Reece-Hampton High School

Industrial Electricity-Phillip Peters, Associate Instructor (16)

Tyler Earp-Johnson County High School  
Dusty Wright-Unaka High School
Logan Johnson-Cloudland High School
Devon Redman-Cloudland High School
Jayden Pendley-Cloudland High School
Josh Williams-Happy Valley High School
Jordan Campbell-Happy Valley High School
Andrew Carroll-Happy Valley High School
Hunter Beasley-Happy Valley High School
Shawn Hankes-Happy Valley High School
Joshua Wayne-Happy Valley High School
Clarence Clemons-Hampton High School
Dylan Moffitt-Hampton High School
Hayden Birchfield-Hampton High School
Michael Green-Hampton High School
Jason Morrison-Science Hill High School

Machine Tool Technology-Jeffrey “Brent” Powell, Associate Instructor (2)

Charles Love-Sullivan East High School
Jordan Poe-Johnson County High School

Millwright Skills-Brian Irick, Associate Instructor (1)

Matthew Vernon Roark-Dobyns-Bennett High School  

Phlebotomy-Lorretta Eades, Associate Instructor (2)

Isaac Benoit-Hampton High School
Skylar “Maygen” Suggs-Hampton High School

Pipefitting-Tim Pierce, Associate Instructor

Practical Nursing- Kathryn Bullen, Director Nursing, Melissa Price, Instructor, Meredith Pardee, Instructor, Autumn Bentley, Instructor, Melinda Douglas, Instructor, Renee Hensley, Instructor (6)

Clara Austin-Johnson County High School
Lexi Brown- Elizabethton High School
Alexis Cordle- Sullivan East High School
Kristyn Burrow-Unaka High School
Hunter Blair-Cloudland High School
Cali Estep-Hampton High School

Welding-Dale Hicks, Senior Instructor (Main Campus), Adam Vest, Instructor (Arney Street) (21)

Breanna Bowman- Unicoi High School
Nicholas Farnor-Unicoi High School
Trinity Elliott-Unicoi High School
Andrew Edney-Unicoi High School
Austin Sampson-Sullivan East High School
Austin Grant-Unaka High School
Joshua Grindstaff-Unaka High School
Kyle Ingram-Unaka High School
Brandon Ward-Unaka High School
Jeremiah Jarrett-Cloudland High School
Jordan Street-Cloudland High School
Ty Pierce-Happy Valley High School
Aaron Carathers-Happy Valley High School
Jaden “Chase” Williams-Hampton High School
Jake Fletcher-Hampton High School
Thomas “Kaiser” Gouge-Hampton High School
James Bennett-David Crockett High School
Chandler Barnett-David Crockett High School
Gavin Jones-David Crockett High School
William “Malachi” Isom-Science Hill High School
Roby Lemmon-Unicoi High School