Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration


This program consists of classroom and shop learning experiences concerned with commercial chilling and freezing systems, including theory, application and operation of compressors; expansion and float b-valves; thermostats and pressure controls; diagnosing, over-hauling, and testing methods and procedures; charging and discharging systems with refrigerants; and testing hermetic units, relays and overload devices. Other learning experiences enable the student to become proficient in the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial and domestic air conditioning systems. Included in the course is the theory and application of basic principles of conditioning of air; the operating characteristics of various units and parts; blueprint reading; the use of technical reference manuals; the diagnosis of malfunctions; and overhaul, repair and adjustment of units and parts, such as pumps, compressors, valves, springs, and connections; and the repair of electrical and pneumatic control systems.


Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time
Typical Program Length 16 Months
Clock Hours 1,728
Class Type Day
Credentials Certificate, Diploma
Total Tuition/Fees $5,461.38
Textbook/Supplies Cost $3,082.00

Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
Domestic Unit Repair864Certificate
HVAC Technician1296Diploma
Refrigeration Technician 1296Diploma
HVAC/Refrigeration Technician1728Diploma
Commercial Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Technician2160Diploma
HVAC Installer and Service Helper432Certificate

Campus Locations

Main Campus
426 Highway 91 North
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Job Duties

Job Outlook


First Trimester: 
Orientation and Safety
Air Conditioning Systems
Principles of Heat Transfer
Heat Pump Systems
Tools and Equipment
Heating Systems
Piping and Piping Principles
Commercial Refrigeration
Air Handling
System Installation/Start Up
Load Calculations
System Servicing
Refrigeration System Components
Sheet Metal


608 EPA Universal Refrigeration License
Refrigerant 401a Safety Certification
HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Electricity
HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Air Conditioning
HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Heat Pumps

Books and Supplies Lists


Doug Street

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