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Miles Burdine, newly-appointed to the Tennessee Board of Regents representing the First Congressional District, receives a briefing on NC3 certifications from John Lee, NC3 Coordinator at TCAT Elizabethton, pictured on the right, following an information sharing luncheon hosted by presidents of TCAT Elizabethton and TCAT Morristown recently.

Also pictured, from left, are Michael Parker of Networks Sullivan Partnership, Dean Blevins, president of TCAT Elizabethton, and Nicole Austin, government relations director with the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. Burdine, President and CEO of the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, was appointed Regent by Governor Bill Haslam on Dec. 14, 2017. 

At the meeting, James King, executive vice chancellor of TBR and interim president of Northeast State Community College, gave an overview of the TCAT system. Previously, King was Vice Chancellor of TCATs. “I came to Northeast Tennessee because technical education is strong.” he said.

Jerry Young, president of TCAT Morristown, gave an overview of training partnerships established at the college. He said 400 certifications in specialized training had been issued by TCAT Morristown. One of the latest benefits of a LEAP grant received by TCAT Morristown was the issuance of a Work Ethics Diploma.

John Lee, in his presentation to the group, said “only 15 percent of those entering the workforce today are certified to do the job.  There is a need for a culture change. Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with it,” Lee said.

In order to keep pace, NC3 certifications have come into play. TCAT Elizabethton is only one of five NC3 “Train the Trainer” facilities in the United States, Lee said.

Presentations were made by other staff members from TCAT Elizabethton and TCAT Morristown attending a luncheon at TCAT Elizabethton.


For information about training programs at TCAT Elizabethton, visit, or telephone 423-543-0070.